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Chickasaw Clans to Constitution

Chickasaw Clans to Constitution

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Europeans who interacted with the Chickasaws found negotiating trade or building alliances to be challenging and struggled to understand the complexity of their socio-political and kinship organization. Following the American Revolution, intrusion by Americans into the Chickasaw Homeland became a tipping point. This led to a shift in the governing structure of the tribe and the kinship-based clan system.

Chickasaw Voices of our Ancestors

Chickasaw Voices of our Ancestors

For centuries, the sacred stories of the Chickasaw people were passed down from one generation to the next in their native tongue as oral histories, chronicling the unique journeys of Chickasaw families and their shared connection to their tribe. Today, with fewer than 50 native speakers, that connection is threatened like never before—a threat set in motion over a century ago.

The Chickasaw Migration Story

Chickasaw Migration

To find their homeland, the Chickasaws and Choctaws migrated across the continent. They prayed each night for direction. A force manifested in the Leaning Pole indicated which path to follow. Two brothers led the procession and the two tribes didn’t part until they reached the Mississippi River.

The Last Choctaw Removal of 1903

Choctaw Tribal members Ryan Spring and Deanna Byrd joined MDAH's History is Lunch to discuss Choctaw Removal and NAGPRA. Byrd conveys how the NAGPRA process “helps to heal the past by forging a path forward for the return of Ancestors removed from Mississippi, western Alabama, and Louisiana.” 

Museums have a dark past, but we can fix that | Chip Colwell | TEDxMileHigh

Museums are beloved cultural institutions, with more than 850 million visits each year in the U.S. alone. But behind the scenes, a war is raging - many cultures want their heritage returned to its place of origin. In this enlightening talk, Museum Curator Chip Colwell offers a surprising solution to this complicated ethical dilemma. 

A Brief History of the Muscogee Nation

Muscogee Nation's Turner Hunt discusses the Tribe's removal and history linking to Grand Village of the Natchez Indians.

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Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana: A Brief History

Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana members outline a brief history of their Tribe including their creation story, language, and enduring beliefs.