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MDAH Internships

MDAH offers virtual and on-site opportunities that broaden understanding of Native American History and curatorial practices.

Virtual Learning

NAGPRA in Focus

Join MDAH's first virtual internship designed to outline the entire NAGPRA process. Participate in consultation, prepare documentation, and manage repatriation of a simulated collection as you expand your NAGPRA knowledge.

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On-Site Opportunities

Archaeology Collections Internship

Broaden your understanding of Mississippi's history and interact with artifacts in our collection. This internship introduces artifact categories, collections management, and cataloging through hands-on work with collections professionals.

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Courtesy of the Chickasaw Nation. All rights reserved.

Muslin Bag

Muslin Bag Donation

We need a variety of sizes of muslin bags to help us prepare individuals and cultural items for repatriation. If you would like to use your sewing skills to make muslin bags, see our Templates and Materials List below. Unbleached muslin and twill tape are easily accessible at your nearest craft store or online.  

Please mail finished bags to:  

Meg Cook
Attn: Remote Sewing Project
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
PO Box 571
Jackson, MS 39205-0571  

Templates and Materials

Small Bag 4x6

Small Bag (4x6) for Reference

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version.

Medium Bag 8x12

Medium Bag (8x12) for Reference

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version.

Large Bag 12x20

Large Bag (8x12) for Reference

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version.

Student Sewers

As part of a collaboration between ArtPlace and the Museum of the Mississippi Delta, these students are learning to sew and creating muslin bags for MDAH. The muslin bags will be used to respectfully rehouse individuals and their objects awaiting repatriation to Tribal Nations. You can click on the links above to learn more about programming and events. 

ArtPlace and the Museum of the Mississippi Delta Sewers

Meet Our Interns and Volunteers

Collections Interns

Katherine Parker
Kathrine Parker

Katherine interned in the archaeology collection in the Fall of 2020 while completing her undergraduate degree in History and English Literature from Mississippi College. When asked to reflect on her experience, she said, "Interning with the archaeology collections staff has provided an opportunity for me to do meaningful work while learning how to engage ethically and conscientiously with the past and historical present. The staff is diverse, intelligent, and empathetic, and building relationships with them has encouraged growth both professionally and personally."

After Katherine completed her internship in December 2020, she began working as a contracted employee with the archaeology collections staff. She assists with projects such as organizing photographic documentation and cataloging collections. 

Laban Blakeney
Laban Blakeney

Laban is currently interning at MDAH with the archaeology collection staff. He is in his final semester at Millsaps pursuing an undergraduate degree in history with a minor in government and politics. Currently, Laban assists staff by inventorying collections. He explains he has enjoying being introduced to NAGPRA law, archaeological artifact types, and museum work in general. He will be interning with MDAH staff until his graduation in May 2021.


Mary Catherine
Mary Catherine Mann

Mary Catherine interned with the archaeology collection staff in the Spring of 2020 while completing her undergraduate degree from Belhaven University. When asked to reflect on her internship experience with MDAH, she said, "When I was the archeology intern, I was introduced to much of Mississippi's history, specifically indigenous cultures and communities that I was unaware of, and it has since inspired and encouraged me to pursue a career that furthers museum and indigenous relationships. During my time at MDAH I realized the effect that museums have on creating a legacy for descendant communities in regard to their culture and identity. Since my time as an intern, I have completed my undergraduate work and am pursuing a Masters in Applied Cultural Anthropology with a specific interest in working with descendant communities of the Southeast and the museums that work with them. I am so grateful to the faculty in the Archeology Department for giving me a chance to learn and grow in professionalization and passion!" 


Collections Volunteers

Joyce Ellis, Collections Volunteer
Joyce Ellis

Joyce has volunteered with MDAH for many years in the Historic Objects (Museum) Collection. She enthusiastically agreed to be one of the volunteers to sew muslin bags used in the repatriation process. When she was asked to reflect on this experience, she remarked, "Sewing the muslin bags has given me a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how they will be used in a respectful and caring manner. I have often wondered about the individuals who were living so long ago, the children, the moms and das, the young men and women — how they were living their lives every day. It has been an honor beyond measure to participate in this project.

Sandra Photo
Sandra Oliveria

Sandra is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil where she worked as a historian. She moved to Mississippi in 2019 and began to volunteer in the archaeology collection. While volunteering, Sandra helped catalog a large collection. While discussing her experience, she said, "This work was amazing because it united many points of my past experience in a collection with lots of important context for the past and the present. It was also very pleasant to me to be able to learn to identify archaeological artifacts, which is something I wanted to do when I was growing up."

Volunteer Katie Becker
Katie Becker

Americorps volunteer, Katie, has been stationed in Vicksburg this year, and expressed an interest in getting hands-on with history. MDAH has relied on teams of Americorps leaders for assistance with large-scale projects in the past, but Katie found she had an independent interest in artifacts. Katie joined the archaeology collections team in February 2021, and is currently helping to inventory a large assemblage of stone tools and ceramics excavated from multiple sites throughout Mississippi. When asked to talk about her experience, Katie said "I learn more about history every day and really like the positive atmosphere the staff provides." If you are interested in working alongside our team, contact us.